Handarbeitsfachgeschäft seit 1912

Lang Yarns WOOLADDICTS #12

In this spring/summer edition you will find 4 awesome new themes. You will feel like a princess as our first model in the beautiful chateau gardens of Trebešice, where you will be surrounded by the most beautiful flowers and plants, and your heart will be filled with pink love like a LOVE POTION. Here most of the designs are knitted with the ultra-soft BLISS yarn.... If this sweet world is not quite your thing and you like more of a challenge then we have an awesome other world for you, namely, ON THE EDGE. Here the color brown takes center stage and is photographed near the ruins of the castle, the whole thing has a sharp edge, but the color brown softens everything. If you are really looking for more spice, then our third world is for you: GIRL POWER! Bold red and burgundy steal the show here, it's sexy, edgy and shows that knitting doesn't have to be boring at all just like the designs. To top it off you will find an explosion of colors in the last theme: COLOR POP where the new yarn Artsy takes the spotlight.

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LANG Yarns


Spring/Summer Edition - Knit it your way!

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